Why is Vellone Found in Italy?

Where is Veillonella located? This question has been bothering me since last week when I read about it in a World News Daily News article. If you are one of those people, who are asking this question, please spare me your concerns as I will try to answer it here. Feel free to skip down to the next paragraph if you still do not have the slightest idea on where the villanelle is located.

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In this article, we will briefly go through the background of this flower as well as how it got its name. I think that it is pretty cool that a local town in Italy called it vellonella Buy Veillonella. Hopefully the information in the following article will make your understand better where is vellone found and what exactly vellone is. Vellone is a genus of chrysanthemums which is native to the Italian Alps. It is named after the town of Vellone, where it is found.

Vellone Found in Italy

In the Italian town of Vellone, you will find a statue dedicated to Pope John Paul II. Vellone is considered to be one of the most romantic places in all of Italy. You will find it very intriguing that it is also the place where one finds the perfect veil for their nuptials. So, how did vellone end up in Vellone?

It is believed that the locals came across the pollen of Vellone while tending their gardens. Since they are not exactly sure of its origins or sources, they begin to use the Latin name of the plant which is Vollone. Later on, in 1780, a shipment of Vellone was received from a ship going to Venice. On that ship were more specimens and seeds of Vollone than there were plants. Since the pollen from this plant has a strong resemblance to the Mediterranean type, most Italian gardeners tried growing it on their own gardens and discovered that it made their gardens bloom profusely and beautifully.

Not everyone was as lucky as the Venetian gardeners when it came to finding vellone. American soldiers who served in the Italian invasion of North Africa in World War II collected and stored a large amount of this rare plant as part of their inventory. After the war was over, they decided to sell the remaining seeds and take the vellone with them back home. When American soldiers began planting and harvesting this rare plant, it became a hot commodity and soon every gardener in the United States was trying to grow as much as they could.

Final Words

The next time you want to know the answer to the question, “Why is vellone found in Italy? “, the perfect place to start your search is on the Internet. You can easily type in “Vollone” or “Vellone Italiana” to find any local information or locate local dealers who grow this plant. If you are interested in collecting or selling the vellone, keep in mind that the Internet makes the search much easier. Most people never even think about where vellone comes from and how it is grown in Italy until they try to grow it themselves. It can be an interesting and lucrative hobby.

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