What You Need To Know About Concrete Contractor Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation for concrete contractors is specifically designed to offset a variety of potential risks when you employ workers on your property. To an employee, workers comp is a safety net when they become injured or become sick due to the labor they perform lift company. It is crucial that you understand how the worker’s comp law works in your state so that you can effectively provide workers with adequate workers comp benefits. The worker’s comp law is not very complicated and it covers a broad range of workers including construction workers, elevator operators, plumbers, painters, bricklayers, roofers, and painters. Obviously, all of these individuals will be involved in some type of construction work but there are specific laws that apply to specific industries.

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If you employ concrete contractor workers in Florida who are employed by a company that is in a coastal area like Duval, Okaloosa county you will need to comply with Florida’s construction workers’ comp laws. These laws vary from industry to industry Pakenham Concrete. For example, if you hire carpenters you will need to be careful to ensure they actually live on-site to perform their duties. Although Duval and Okaloosa counties are home to some of the most prestigious and largest concrete companies in the nation the vast majority of construction projects in those two counties are “short term” projects lasting no longer than two years.

Concrete Contractor Workers Compensation

In Duval and Okaloosa counties general liability insurance is not required by either state and should not be purchased unless your general contractor offers it Perth. The only situation where it may be a good idea for you is if your general contractor carries liability insurance that is more than your state requirement. Florida does require its concrete contractors to carry general liability insurance but it does not require the level of protection that is required in Duval or Okaloosa counties. So, when you consider whether or not you need to purchase Duval or Okaloosa county insurance make sure you are fully protected.


As you can see from the above it is extremely important for both Duval and Okaloosa counties residents to be aware of the laws regarding general contractor work. Even if your general contractor works within the parameters set forth by their insurance policy, you should still educate yourself about the overall legal responsibility of any project you are considering. Some of the more common questions you should ask your contractor include:

Q: I am purchasing Duval or Okaloosa County property and I need some advice about getting insurance. Are there any concrete contractors that I can contact to help me complete my project? What about concrete flatwork? Is there such a thing?

Final Words

A: The answer to the first question is: “Yes, you can contact several licensed concrete contractors to get quotes and information about OSHA and other industry standards”. The second question to ask your contractor workers comp experts is: “Do you provide health and safety training for all of your employees?” You want to make sure your employees understand the hazards of doing concrete work and are able to perform their job with the utmost care and competence.

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