What Is a Periscope App and How Can It Benefit Me?

Following the huge popularity of live video app Periscope, the social networking company has also introduced several new features to enhance it further for its users. This is the first live video app that can be accessed from the Mac and PC, and available across multiple browsers. You can view your live video feed from anywhere in the world and at any time. If you are hosting a live video app periscope broadcast, you can invite your audience by posting a message on the dedicated page, which can be seen in the top right corner of your screen. Live video chat is also enabled between the viewer and the program host, which could also be helpful if there are questions or problems being solved live. If you are planning for an important live video app periscope broadcast, you may also want to consider viewing it using the Google Chrome browser.Play Button, Video Player, Movie Player

As mentioned above, the latest version of the Periscope web app can be viewed from both Mac and PC. If you have the latest version of Google Chrome, this is the best way to stream the latest Periscope feeds from anywhere you may be Click here. However, if you are just using this web app to monitor your social media interactions with your followers and/or fans, then you don’t need to look out for third-party software for getting the job done. With the latest version of the Periscope web app, all you need to do is go to the Google Chrome website, go to settings and then click on the advanced tab, where you will find the option to enable live video feed.

Periscope App

There are many reasons why a business or even an individual decides to use a live-streaming video app such as Periscope, Vimeo or Facebook’s live-video app on their smartphone or tablet for video conferencing. One main reason is probably cost. Not everyone would want to spend lots of money just to stream their videos from a website and have the whole thing happen without any visual aid.

On the other hand, not everyone would want to host their live video app on their personal computer. If that is the case, then an inexpensive alternative to perusing the trouble of setting up an account and uploading the video files to be watched is to pay for a service to host the broadcasts for you. Most services for live video streams offer real time access to these live broadcasts. You just need to enter your login details and then start watching your Periscope channels from wherever you are – be it your laptop, smartphone or tablet. The good thing about the Periscope live video app is that you can also watch your online community in other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

This means that you can still update your status and chat to your followers while you are away from the computer. If you are planning to host the broadcasts in your own home, you can have the link saved on your phone and share it with your friends in the event that you will be unavailable for some reason or the other. The live-streaming video app for mobile devices like Blackberrys and smart phones is especially useful if you are planning to leave your hometown to attend a conference or a business opportunity seminar in a new city.

Final Words

If the idea of streaming your videos in the web from the convenience of your living room sounds appealing to you, then you should look into the Periscope web cam HD app. It is a web cam HD application that lets you stream Periscope videos to your desktop, laptop, tablets and even to your Android mobile phone. It is very easy to install and it is a one time fee. In this way, you could go anywhere and still be able to catch up with what’s happening live.

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