Types of Moving Companies Estimate

There are three basic types of moving companies estimate, each with different prices. The transportation part is the binding cost based on the size and weight of the shipment. The packing service, on the other hand, is an added extra and will be charged separately from the binding transportation cost.

Moving Companies Estimate

When you ask for an estimate, the movers will provide you with an itemized inventory, which you must sign. Once you receive the estimate, you can decide if you would like to hire the company to pack your items for you.

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A full inventory list is a key part of the moving companies estimate. It lists everything from your new address to the date of the move, the number ft lauderdale moving company of people who will be working on the move, and any fees. You will need this inventory to know how much stuff you need to ship.

In addition to an inventory list, the estimator will also create a list of all of the items you’ll need to pack. They’ll need to know how many boxes you’ll need and how many large or small items you have.

The written estimate will be the most detailed of all estimates. It lists the date of your move, the destination of the shipment, and any applicable fees. It also lists the projected costs of moving your household goods.

The estimator will create an itemized list of everything you’ll need to move. This list will include everything from large pieces of furniture to small items like end tables. The company should include the approximate number of boxes needed to pack your items.

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