Top 5 Best Laptop Companies in the World 2020

Apple is the leading manufacturer of laptops, smartphones, and computers. They make over $230 billion in revenue each year and have great customer service. They also make the Alienware line of gaming laptops. They are one of the best laptop companies for office workers and students. And they have the most advanced hardware on the market. The company’s products are backed by an excellent support tech. If you’re looking for a good laptop for a low price, consider Lenovo.


The American-based company Dell is another one on the list. With almost 15% of the market, it’s a solid company to follow. They have great design and a variety of laptop models in different price ranges. They have models for gamers and business users alike, from high-end gaming to ultraportable computers. Those who need a laptop for work may want to look into a Chromebook.

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Lenovo is a computer manufacturing company based in China. Their laptops are not the most attractive or stylish, but they offer strong build quality and reliable hardware. Lenovo laptops have high-end features but are inexpensive and great for businesses cheapest vr ready graphics card. The Legion Y740 is one of their more affordable laptops and is a great choice for gamers. Lenovo has a good reputation for high-end hardware and designs and has a huge network of offline support centers around the world.


Another company that has a great reputation is HP. Their Envy and Pavilion line of laptops are among the most popular. The Omen PCs are popular with gamers, and HP computers are a good mix of design and functionality. A few years ago, HP had a reputation for bad laptops, and customers frequently requested home troubleshooting for their products. Now, the company has improved its products and has a good reputation for customer service.


Acer is another great company that produces high-end electronics and hardware. Its products are extremely popular, and they have gained widespread recognition throughout the world. You’ll often see them in supermarkets, internet cafes, and offices. They have something for everyone. You can even buy a tablet with the same brand name. But make sure to shop around and compare prices before making a final decision. And don’t forget to check out the latest models in the Acer range!


Another top company with good products is Microsoft. They’ve launched the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book 2, and both of these models are powerful and affordable. Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is among the best notebooks on the market today. Its Surface Book 2 laptops have one of the longest lifetimes of any notebook. Another new brand preparing to launch laptops in Europe is Xiaomi. Its Surface Book line is also a contender in the high-end notebook segment.


Asus is another Taiwan-based multinational company that has been making quality computer hardware for years. Asus offers many models at various price ranges. Its latest crop of laptops ranges from affordable Chromebooks to high-end gaming machines. The company’s minimalist designs and quality hardware make its products the top choices for many consumers. This is a great laptop company for business users. Its reputation for reliability and affordability has made it one of the best laptop brands.

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