Top 4 Secrets About Pursuit Farms, CA

Pursuit Farms is a premier organic, grass-fed, free-range, American agricultural company. They are the premium importer of Japanese Koi, Certified Kobe, premium Pursuit Farms Female Wagyu, and New Zealand Red Beans pursuit farms. The meats produced by these sirloin steaks are not readily available at local stores and must only be purchased via the Pursuit Farms website. There are a few options available to those who enjoy a taste of sirloin, and there’s no better option than the “real thing”. Read on for more information about this amazing sirloin steak.

Pursuit Farms

This steak is available only at the Pursuit Farms sirloin farm. It is one of the highest quality beef available, and the meat has been graded by an expert as having very good Japanese flavor. You can absolutely taste the real beef, which makes it a fantastic cut for many dishes. This is also available in three sizes, for consumption as small as part of a 3-ounce filet, or up to a full pound for those who wish to have a big steak for the next dinner party.

Secrets About Pursuit Farms

If you like your steak rare, this is the perfect choice for you. They also offer boneless, bone-in, and tri-tip sirloin options available for purchase. For even more variety, they also have skirt steak, flank steak, and shortloin available, along with a selection of other cuts. Of course, the standard American barbecue cut is available, as well as cuts like filet mignon and rib eye. Even the most casual of diners will be able to find something they enjoy at Pursuit Farms.

Another good option for meat buyers is their chicken entrees. They offer boneless, skinless chicken available as a four ounce serving, or a six ounce serving as part of their entrees listed under different cuts. Their chicken is vacuum sealed, which helps to preserve its freshness. It is available at various weights, from light to medium, in order to suit the preferences of the consumer. It is leaner than many of its American counterparts, but is still high in quality.

Lastly, if you prefer meat over steak, you might want to check out their pork offerings. Their side dishes are available as part of a three-ounce serving, or four ounces, for a very reasonable price. The dishes are available at various weights, to suit the consumer. You can get the traditional hot dog and potato dumplah, as well as lechon, beef brisket, and beef sirloin loin. Although you might want to order more meat to feed a crowd, you can rest assured that you are getting a great amount of meat that is top quality, for a very reasonable price.

Final Words

All of the meats mentioned above are available throughout the year, however, you might not find them all available at the same time. If you plan on picking up some of these top notch meats at this farm stand during your next visit, don’t forget to take some photos of the place. This will surely give you more inspiration as to where you should make your next stop. After all, the food at Pursuit Farms is amazing, and you are likely to find just about anything that you are looking for here.

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