Three Company Uncle Leo Came Back For Cash

In Uncle Leo’s case, he was so proud of himself that he bought three companies, each one smaller than the last. He put all his money into these businesses and when it turned out that none of them would ever make money or even make any profit, Uncle Leo went broke. Then he started another business, which turned out to be a big, successful business and turned him into a very rich man. Uncle Leo then retired a very wealthy man. His company was now worth millions, and Uncle Leo was flying around on his private jet not worrying about how his business was going to perform.

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Leo Came Back For Cash

But his plane never took off Charlottesville Tree Company. He received a call from his daughter, informing him that he had three new shares in his favorite stock. Thinking that maybe his daughter had invested in a bad company, Uncle Leo called the company and asked for his daughter’s help. He told them that he needed to talk to his daughter real quick because his company was in trouble and that he didn’t want to lose all that money. He said that if they didn’t help him now he might have to start liquidating his stock holdings.

Final Words

His daughter informed him that her brother-in-law had advised her to help him because this was a very important investment for them both. Uncle Leo just laughed at his daughter and hung up the phone. Eventually, a good friend of Uncle Leo’s called him and advised him to call the company to see what they had to say. Uncle Leo flew out of there and told the three company’s CEOs what had happened.

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