The Funny Cat T Shirt Means You Are Welcome in My House

You have seen a lot of t shirts with funny messages and images on them but if you have not seen a cat t shirt, then you are missing a very funny and unique piece of art. There is a reason why they are all over the place, they are great for both kids and adults. You might be wondering what makes a cat t shirt funny and unique, well there is no secret and I will reveal it to you. It is all about cats and their mistakes and misfortunes.

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Have you ever noticed how certain cats are different from the rest? Most of the time if not all, cats are prone to make mistakes that other cats do not make cat t-shirts. Cats have a great sense of humor so when something wrong happens they would just roll their eyes and laugh at themselves or look bewildered as to what exactly they just did. This is actually one of the reasons why a funny t shirt is so popular because people like to make fun of their own mistakes. Cat owners love it when they see their feline friends rolling their eyes or laughing at themselves, even if it is a mistake.

Funny Cat T Shirt Means

So what does a cat t shirt mean? Basically it is just a way to poke fun at your cat and his or her mistakes. There are several reasons why a person would make one of these t shirts, the most common reason is probably just to make someone else laugh at their cat. Another reason is that they just want to embarrass their cat in some way. The last reason is that they just like to wear funny t shirts and poke fun at their own poor health.

A cat t shirt means that your cat has made a huge impact on society and you can proudly wear one around your neck. It might make you feel a little uncomfortable at first when you are wearing one but it is nothing compared to the headaches your cat might give you when he trips into the corner of the room and spills water all over your carpet or floor. The embarrassment factor is much less when you are wearing a funny cat t shirt than if your cat was actually upset about something. T shirts were invented as a way for people to express their emotions in the simplest and funniest way possible. People who have had pets know this all too well because that is exactly what they do with their animals on a daily basis.

Even though cats don’t make people very happy, there is no argument that cats are loving and wonderful animals who are great additions to any household. They are great with children and other pets and they love being in the company of humans. No matter how much or how little time you have spent with your cat, there is no way that he or she could not appreciate the fact that you are willing to spend time with them. That is what a t shirt is for, to let people know that they are welcome in your home, even if you only have a shirt on.

Final Words

Some people believe that the funny t shirts are more for the adults than for the cats. However, that is simply not the case. Many cat owners wear their cats shirts when they are out with their friends. Some even have pictures of their cats on the shirts so that everyone knows who they are. The funny cat t shirt means that there is no reason why cats and humans should be separated and you can be sure that people who wear them understand that.

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