The Civil Status Law in Oman

Oman recently amended the Civil Status Law to require citizens over the age of 15 to have an ID card. Prior to this, the ID card was optional and only mandatory for males. The new rules came into effect on Sunday, when His Majesty issued Royal Decree No. 59/2021, amending the law and requiring citizens and expatriates to have an ID. The law also requires those under the age of 10 to obtain a resident card.

Civil Status Law in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is a vast nation of 309,500 square kilometers and is made up of various topographic areas. This makes it difficult to access the necessary information. The National Registration System is the only way to keep track of your civil status, linking 12 civil directorates. Although the directorates are in the main towns, they are not available to people who live in the more remote areas of the Sultanate.

The Paci civil id status has been amended by His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik. This new law states that every Omani over the age of 10 years old must obtain a civil identity card. Children under the age of ten may apply for a residence card with their parents’ permission. Foreigners living in the Sultanate must also obtain a civil identity card.

Each individual must obtain their own unique identification card. The model of the card, the data to be recorded on it, the validity period, and the procedures for obtaining the card are outlined in the regulations of the Civil Status Law. The Royal Decree No 59/2021 specifies which documents must be presented for a civil ID card.

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