The Average Driving Instructor Salary in Singapore

In Singapore, the average monthly payment for a Driving Instructor is approximately PS2,990. This means that half of all instructors earn less than that, and half earn more than that Driving Lesson East London. This figure represents the middle of the pay scale. As a Driving Instructor, your goal should be to be on the right side of the graph. If you are interested in a career as a Driving Instruction, you can read this guide to see what your competitors make.

Driving Instructor Salary

The national average Driving Instructor salary is $33,000 per year. A salary of PS2,400 (USD1,053) is paid to individuals with less than two years of experience.

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A Driving Instructor with five to ten years of experience can earn up to PS4,800 per month. The highest-paying jobs for Driving Instructors are the AAA, MasterDrive, and JAVA instructors. These salaries vary from approximately $50,000 to $66,796 per year.

According to Indeed, the average annual salary for a Driving Instructor is PS34,174. However, this is an estimate based on self-reporting data from instructors who are already established in the field. Newly-minted driving instructors are less likely to disclose their incomes due to the stigma attached to the job. Also, the average tenure of an instructor is two to four years, so earning PS34,000 is a bit speculative.

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