Renovation Designers: Toronto’s Design Industry

If you’re in need of Toronto home renovation designers, there are plenty of people to turn to. “We work with several homeowners each year who are ready to get started with a new decorating or home improvement project but who are unsure of what they want or how to do it,” says Kalli George, owner, and creator of Kalli Designs, an online home decoration shop that specializes in high-end furnishings.

Renovation Designers

“We help them navigate the creative process with top-notch product assistance, thoughtful client input, project management, layout assistance, and the ability to smoothly manage their renovation dollars.” When it comes to home renovations, homeowners often feel overwhelmed by the many different products, styles, and finishes available for the market today. Home renovation design can be an intricate and rewarding experience but it requires patience and knowledge, as well as a firm understanding of your home’s furnishings and construction.

Color, Palette, Paint, Wall Painting

It is important that home renovation designers in Toronto remain current on the latest trends, products and innovations. “We strongly believe that our clients can count on us to guide them through the most cutting-edge designs and materials available,” says George best home renovation in Toronto. She and her team also ensure that the end product is functional, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and built to last.

In addition to providing advice about home renovation styles and options, home renovation designers in Toronto can also provide services such as consulting about floor plans, kitchen and bath redesigns, bathroom remodels, and flooring refinishing. They can even assist in the installation of new appliances and complete new home construction projects.

There are plenty of ways to go about finding home renovation designers in Toronto. “We recommend browsing through design magazines, visiting home renovation clubs and exhibitions, speaking to friends and family, searching the Internet, and asking other homeowners for recommendations,” says George.

Another way to find a home renovation designer in Toronto is to check out the classifieds in your local paper or online at home renovation sites, such as Craiglist. “In addition to the benefits of getting quality and affordable design services, you’ll also find that working with experienced designers helps put you in control of the project and will give you peace of mind that the finished product is what you envision.”

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