Pew Madafak As a Career Choice

The movie” Pew Madafak masque” or the “Pew Pews Madafak” is set in a modern day Indian city of Mumbai. The story revolves around the story of a middle class woman named Satya and her two friends who get trapped in a carpet bomb attack while on a shopping spree at a major shopping mall. They are saved when a group of men in a car, who appear to be thieves, come and free the trapped girls. A mysterious stranger who goes by the name of Satya then barges into the mall with the other men and starts a game of mind over power with the head of the store management. This leads to a chain of events that leaves the girls confused and helpless as they try to figure out who this person really was and how he could have gotten into the mall in the first place.

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Madafak As a Career Choice

The women finally manage to make it out of the mall safely after they lure Satya into their car where a gunfight ensues and ends with the release of an innocent bystander who gets hit in the face with one of the many rocks thrown by Satya’s men. The movie then cuts to another pivotal point in the plot where Satya becomes more suspicious of her friend’s activities. One of the main characters in this film happens to be Ajit, who happens to be Ajay’s younger brother from a previous marriage pew pew madafakas cat t-shirt. The two soon find out that their involvement in the crime has not gone unnoticed by the local police and the local mafia which leads them to be framed for the crime and sent to jail.

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The movie has received praises from several critics across the world who claim that the movie is a mixture of humor and drama and is a great example of how a story should be told. It is a fast-paced crime story that ends abruptly but gives the viewer a quick glimpse of what could happen in the future. Overall, the movie has managed to maintain a high rating on several online sites and has even been named as one of the best Indian movie of all time by various critics. It is expected that the Madafak-Pew Pew Madafakas movie will continue to garner popularity well into the future.

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