Nitrous Whipped Cream Dispensers

Nitrous whipped cream chargers that are sometimes also called a whippet or whip are electric capsules or steel cylinders that are filled with nitrous fuel (usually nitrogen) or nitrous oxide (NO), which is usually a mixture of nitrous oxides. In a nitrous whipped cream charger, the nitrous fuel is stored in an inner reservoir, and the outer reservoir is made of an outer sleeve having a valve that is closed at its opening. This valve is then connected to a hand crank-styled nitrous blasting cap that is closed at its opening. The nitrous fuel/air mixture is blown through a tube to reach the whipping drum where it is whipped into the necessary shape for feeding into the whipper nozzle. The valve used to close the whipped cream charger is designed to allow complete immersion in the nitrous fuel mixture while the charger is on.

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Whipped Cream Dispensers

Nitrous whipped cream dispensers that use a nitrous charger are somewhat similar to a canister-style dispenser except that the canister is round and not quite as large Creamsta. This makes it easier to hold and transport. However, some designs of nitrous dispensers have been designed so that they can stand upright and be used as a regular canister. This means that the user can move the dispenser from one location to another if desired.

Final Words

Nitrous gas is a highly volatile chemical that reacts when exposed to oxygen and becomes nitrogen gas. Nitrogen gas is the gas that makes whipped cream, gelato, powdered milk, and other similar products rise to the top. The actual chemical reaction that occurs is such that the nitrogen and oxygen molecules are separated. This separation causes the product to thicken as the nitrogen and oxygen molecules no longer compete for space. When the two gases are combined in the correct ratio, the product becomes whipped cream.

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