Mommy and Me Sets at Shein

You can find cute mommy and I sets at Shein, but what is the quality like? I was skeptical until I ordered one. The dress was adorable and held up well, and I was so impressed that I bought two! Plus, I was able to get a discount by using my Shein coupon, which is valid until June 30th. I’ve had a great experience with Shein. I love the fact that they have free shipping on the first order. After that, however, I had to pay $7.99 for all returns.

Mommy and Me Sets

The Shein website does not mention child labor on its website, but it claims that it never uses it. Despite the claims of its social responsibility page, this statement is simply not true. The company uses child labor and forced labor.

Shark, Mommy, Female, Girl Shark

This practice is immoral and causes riots. Moreover, Shein’s supply chain has thousands of subcontractors and contractors. It would be impossible for Shein to audit each person in the supply chain on a daily basis.

Another major concern is the company’s long and complicated supply chain mommy and me sets. It uses thousands of textile mills and factories, and it works with many contractors and subcontractors in the supply chain. It also has a large network of subcontractors.

Ultimately, this means that Shein cannot audit every single person involved in the supply chain 24 hours a day. As a result, the product quality is questionable, and the company is under no obligation to offer replacements for defective items.

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