Lemon Companies Australia

There are a number of lemon companies in Australia that have gained global recognition and acclaim in recent years. These companies include the Australian Native Products, Lemon Group International Pty Ltd, and iCandy Interactive. The following article will discuss the companies and their products. It will also give you information on how to find them and get started on your quest to become the next success story in the world of lemonade. In addition to this, we will also mention some of the other popular Australian businesses, including Solo and iCandy Interactive.

Lemon Group International Pty Ltd

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Australian Native Products

If you’re looking for a natural, organic lemon product, look no further than Australian Native Products. They are one of the world’s largest lemon myrtle producers and have achieved organic certification for both their leaf and oil products. The company also recently expanded its production facility, establishing lemon myrtle plantations in Mareeba, Far North Queensland. The climate there is suited for organic farming, and the company has since planted 150,000 new trees to support its growth.

iCandy Interactive

iCandy Interactive has announced that it has acquired a Malaysian game and animation studio named Lemon Sky. This acquisition makes iCandy the largest pure-play gaming studio in Australasia. The company currently has over 450 employees and generates a revenue of A$17 million a year. The deal values Lemon Sky at $44.5 million, which was paid for in cash and new shares. The acquisition is a big deal for mobile game fans and iCandy Interactive’s stock is up 10.5 per cent in the market.


The Solo lemon soft drink is a carbonated soft drink that is popular in Australia. The drink is made from 5% crushed lemons and contains no artificial flavours or colours. The company has been around for over 235 years and has numerous versions of its soft drink. They also sell a Zero version with artificial sweetener instead of sugar and a Lemon&Lime variant. The company is owned by Asahi Breweries, the same company that makes Coca-Cola.

Egyptian company

Founded in 1886, the Egyptian lemon company has evolved into a leading entity in the hospitality industry in Egypt. They provide exceptional experiences and a high-quality lifestyle for their clients. Founded with a passion and an elaborate taste for quality, they have grown into a family of diverse sub-brands and categories. Learn more about the company and its products. Listed below are some of its highlights. Here are a few things you should know about it.

LIFT Hard Hitting Lemon

Coca-Cola South Pacific has unveiled a new version of its popular lemon-flavoured soft drink. Dubbed LIFT Hard Hitting Lemon, the new drink is designed to shift consumer perceptions about the traditional lemon flavour. Featuring an intense, full-bodied lemon taste, the new version comes in PET bottles and cans. It also retains the brand’s association with the AFL. Despite the change in the drink’s flavour, many consumers are still swayed by its new taste.

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