Lasik Surgery Complications And Their Preventive Measures

Laser eye surgery is an operation that can correct vision problems by reshaping the cornea, and it involves the use of lasers in order to correct the focus of light that comes through the eye. Laser vision correction, also known as a laser, is now widely used for improving visual clarity and making it possible for people with different vision impairments to see clearly. A Lasik surgery procedure usually takes less than five minutes, although the recovery time is dependent upon your eye condition and the surgeon’s experience. Lasik surgery is available in most US cities, although some areas have still not implemented this innovative surgery technology into their operating theaters.

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Lasik surgery is defined as the surgical procedure aiming to flatten the corneal flap that surrounds the optical nerve and the retina, reducing the eye’s curvature lasik treatment cost in india. A thin flap is created by cutting a small flap in the cornea and folding it in such a way that the inner surface is flat and level. The surgeon then uses a special type of laser known as a Lasik cutting laser, which is very effective in reshaping the affected tissue. After making small incisions along the affected area, the tissue is carefully lifted back up to form a dome-shaped piece just below the original surface of the cornea.

Lasik Surgery Complications

Lasik surgery has many benefits, but also has its share of risks and complications. Because of the precise nature of Lasik technology, more often than not it can lead to serious side effects and complications. For patients suffering from eye problems, the complications are often not as bad as the vision problem they had to deal with, but because the complications are less predictable, it is still better to be prepared before undergoing laser refractive surgery.

Final Words

In Lasik surgery, the outcome is always less predictable; for this reason, it is advisable to ask the surgeon about possible Lasik complications before the surgery. If the doctor gives you the go ahead, you should expect some Lasik complications such as infection, allergic reaction, and dry eyes, but these complications are relatively rare.

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