How To Choose Landscaping Company Names

Choosing catchy Landscaping Company Names can help set you apart from your competitors. A key component of advertising and branding your business is the correct name you select. As a professional landscape contractor, you don’t just want to have a dot-com or a page on your business card; you need to stand out in the crowd. You don’t have to pick an obscure name; if it fits the bill, go for it. However, be sure that the name is reflective of the work you will be doing and will represent the quality you offer.

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Choose Landscaping Company Names

For example, if you are the landscape contractor for a church, your landscaping business name may be “Sweatband Lawn and Landscaping”, with your Twitter handle being “Tweets About Landscaping”. The reason being that while it’s cute to have such a handy name, it is too generic and less interesting to search for information on your own Dallas Landscaping Company. On the other hand, if you were to use “Sweatband Lawn and Landscaping” you will most likely attract customers who already know what you do and will be more likely to hire you for their next project. You want people to connect with you, not only on your website but in the articles you publish as well as through social media handles such as Twitter and Facebook.

Another key strategy to build brand awareness is to incorporate your social media handles and your website into your landscaping company names. Twitter and Facebook are great for this, because you can post links to your articles, blog posts, pictures and videos, which means that every time you post one, your website and business are getting a boost in its ranking on the search engines. Ultimately, you want customers to recognize your website and call to visit it. For instance, if you have two trees planted next to each other on your property, chances are your customer will choose the smaller one for aesthetic reasons alone, but if you have two bushy bushes on either side, he may choose the bushy one.

Final Words

If he chooses the bushy one, it’s highly likely that he won’t ever use the smaller tree to his fullest extent, so it makes sense to make sure you have a good name for it. Now you may have to do some research into which of your various landscaping company names are best suited for your various brands and products, but you’ll find that it’s easy to do when you start thinking creatively and productively.

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