Hill Towns of Tuscany – What Are The Best Places To Visit In Tuscany?

Hilltowns in Tuscany are usually those that are located at higher elevations and which were designed to attract tourists or visitors who were interested in outdoor activities. Some of the popular hill towns of Tuscany include Verde, Bellagio, Melara, and Volterra which are all found near the Val d’ Orcia where the Tuscany countryside starts. Other popular hill towns of Tuscany include Salernas, Caltanissetta, Montalcino, Miramonti, and Amati. The beautiful countryside of Tuscany attracts travelers who enjoy hiking, cycling, mountain climbing, vineyard tours, and art galleries.Monastery Of Saint Lawrence, Spain

Hill Towns of Tuscany

One of the most important features of any authentic hill town in Tuscany is its historic center. The entire town has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is very proud of it. The town has been built around a central spot called Piazza San Lorenzo which is perfect for staging large festivals such as these Lawrence Hill Towns. If you want to see the famous old well of Miramonti, which is over three miles long, then you need to visit the famous church of San Lorenzo in the ancient town of Miramonti. This is the location where Emperor Nero came to live and where he started building his famous aqueduct. The beautiful fountain of the church is still operating twenty years after the Emperor’s death and is opened every day.

Final Words

Hill towns of Tuscany are an excellent choice for holiday destinations because they offer picturesque views of hills, woods, fields, mountains, villas and bridges. You can also enjoy spectacular food, wine and culture while visiting these towns. There are many different historical sights, art galleries, museums, and restaurants to be found in Tuscany and this article will give you just a few examples. You will not regret spending your holidays in some of the best places to visit in Tuscany and have the pleasure of staying in some of the most beautiful, romantic and affordable apartments.

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