Great Outdoor Party Games For Kids That Will Keep Kids Enticed For Hours

Lets party! Go wild with some fun high-energy outdoor and indoor party games for children. With so many entertaining ways to custom fit your own theme, these simple games are real winners for preschoolers to even teenagers. There are lots of fun themes to choose from, and you can even tailor them to match your child’s interests in music, colors, animals, etc. If you want something truly unique and different from the rest, consider creating your own theme around a favorite cartoon character or other playful pet that will give them a great sense of personal fulfillment. This will also help them feel really grown up and prepared for the rigors of preparing meals, running the household, handling the kids, etc.

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Party Games For Kids That Will Keep Kids Enticed For Hours

Divide Kids into Two Teams – Create a two-person team consisting of two children each assigned a certain task. Divide kids into two groups and let them know that they will play a fun outdoor game as part of fun family activity. For example, you could divide kids into teams to build a tower with flagstones. For younger children, divide them into two groups and let them decorate the flagstone by tossing hula hoops while telling their teammates how to do it. Older kids can be trained to catch the flagstones.

Candy Keeper For older kids, this outdoor party games for kids game is best played with a couple of adults. Divide the group into two teams and have them remove a piece of candy from a large bag onto each shoulder. The first person to find the finished line will be the Kid with the bag, the second person being the Adult who has to try and keep all of the candy from getting to the Child with the bag. If no one catches the candy within ten seconds, the player that didn’t catch it gets to keep it and the adult that caught it must catch the candy before they get to keep it.

Backyard War Game For younger children, these outdoor games for kids games can be taught in the backyard when the weather is nice. Divide the kids into two groups and have them dig a hole about four feet deep in outdoor kids games. Have each group cover about half of the yard with a radius of about ten feet so they can lie down while the other team tries to encircle the other team. When the first group makes contact with the opposing team, clap, shout or make some kind of noise to get their attention. When the first group wins, the kids that were not on the receiving end are given a prize.

Backyard Bunk Basketball This fun outdoor party game for kids game can be played in a variety of settings. You can play it outdoors on a basketball court, you can have the kids wear jerseys or dress-up clothes and have them run around the yard, or you can set up two teams at half court and have them take turns trying to basketball down an inflatable basketball hoop. Either way, it’s always great fun.

Final Words

All of these outdoor party games for kids are a lot of fun for both kids and parents. They provide a fun way to break up a long afternoon and a way for parents to get a little exercise in before dinner. If you want something a little bit more challenging, try one of the above games and see how long the kids keep the winnings after gummy bears win.

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