Commonly Prescribed Drugs in Pakistan

Pakistani government has been giving out various kinds of drugs in Pakistan through registered pharmacies and the local pharmacies are not charging any kind of exorbitant prices for these drugs compare your costs of tamiflu. Many of the common and over the counter drugs are available at very low or sometimes no cost at all.

Drugs in Pakistan

There are various kinds of anti-depressants and pain killers which are easily available at pharmacies without a prescription. It is possible to get any of these drugs at any pharmacies whether in Islamabad or in any other city of Pakistan.

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The commonly prescribed drugs in Pakistan include Acamprosate, Benadryl, Calamine, Carbamazepine, Doxylamine, Estazolam, Lofexidene, Penicillin, Sinequan, Tricyclic Antidepressants, Oxidase Inhibitors, and Vagistat. These drugs can be bought directly from the pharmacy without a prescription or from any doctor who may be able to dispense such drugs.

Certain antibiotics are also commonly prescribed by the doctors either it is selected by the doctor himself or by the hospital where he is being treated. The list of commonly prescribed antibiotics includes Amikacin, Bezoconazole, Enrofloxacin, and Erythromycin.

The most commonly prescribed analgesic is Acamprosate which acts as an anti-inflammatory. Other kinds of analgesics available in Pakistan are Carfentin, Emetine, Enrofloxacin, and Meperidine Common Prescribed Drugs in America. There are also various nasal sprays available that are very useful as they provide instant relief for sinusitis and also for the symptoms associated with allergies. These medicines also relieve the pain caused by toothache and they have various anti-viral properties.

Over the counter medicines which act as anti-depressants are commonly prescribed drugs in Pakistan. They include Acamprosate, Anafranil, Alprazolam and Norpramin. Most of these medicines have a sedative effect and they can also reduce anxiety levels. However, the over use of anti-depressants can prove to be detrimental and hence they should be prescribed only after consulting a medical practitioner.

There are also several anti-seizure medicines available which act against the benzodiazepines and azapirones. These medicines are also used to control fever and in some cases they also act against certain heart ailments. Stomach upset is also caused due to the intake of some medicines. Therefore it is advisable to consult your physician before taking any medicine.

The commonly prescribed drugs in Pakistan PDF are available in various forms. These include tablets, capsules, liquid solutions, and topical ointments. Most of these tablets are coated so that they remain intact and do not dissolve once they reach the stomach. Once they reach there, they act on the nervous system and thus calm down the patient. However, when they are dissolved into the stomach fluids, they lose their effectiveness.

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