Bunion Surgery – Does it Need to Be Repeated?

Bunion surgery is performed to correct the deformity and decrease the pain brought about by a bunion. A bunion (femoral bunion) is a growth of tissue or bone around a joint in the base of your big toe, or in the base of your little toe. This one is often called a “feel toe,” “tennis toe,” or simply “tennis boot.” These disorders usually occur as the result of overuse or other conditions involving the foot. Bunion surgery, when it is performed properly, is a procedure that does not require any more surgery.

Bunion Surgery

When bunion surgery is performed, it removes the bump or growth from the joint so that the new bone can grow into the space. The doctor will make an incision in the top or bottom of your foot near the top of your big toe and pull your skin back over the bones and cover them with a piece of cloth or gauze.

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Your doctor may then inject a bunion surgery fluid into the affected area, which hardens and causes the growth of bone to take place. It can take anywhere from six to eight weeks for the bunion to completely heal but it can sometimes be a lot faster if the bunion surgery is performed sooner 1st toe bunionv. Once you have had bunion surgery once it will generally not need to be repeated.

Bunions typically cause people to have pain on their big toe and around the outside of their big toe joint. Bunions are also known as “burned to the bone” and sometimes called “burned fingers.” Anyone who has bunions will tell you how painful and annoying they can be!

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