Bulgaria’s Black Sea Resorts and Hotels

Bulgaria has a wide choice of seaside and beach resorts in and around the country, with some being far more secluded than others. The capital of Bulgaria and one of Europe’s best kept secrets, Sofia, is located along the Black Sea and is surrounded by several small islands. The other major seaside resort on the Bulgarian coast is Varna, where the most beautiful beaches are located. Varna and Burgas are both the biggest towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, with the surrounding mountains running from the towns to the north and south. Many tourists prefer to go for long hikes along the terrains in the mountains during their visit to Bulgaria

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Black Sea Resorts and Hotels.

If you are looking for an idyllic location for a holiday that will relax and leave you refreshed and recharged, then the black sea resorts in Bulgaria are for you black sea resorts bulgaria. You will find some very friendly locals who will make you feel welcome and will even help you plan your sightseeing trip to make sure you have a great time. Some of the resorts are situated near-perfect beaches, giving the option to have the whole family on vacation. The resorts, with all their activities, entertainment and scenery will give you all the reasons to come back to Bulgaria again.

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A popular resort among tourists is the Severina Hotel, a refurbished 19th century hotel that has been restored to its former glory. The main resort area, composed of five beaches, is decorated with some of the finest examples of art and architecture from the Bulgarian art nouveau period. The majority of the private beaches are situated on the south side of the island, while the main resort area has public sandy beaches. The white-washed walls of the ruined ancient churches along with the potted palms and other plants form a backdrop for some of the best hotels and resorts in Bulgaria, making this an idyllic site to relax at the weekend.

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