Are There Different Grades of Granite?

Are there different grades of granite? The answer depends on your needs and the appearance you are trying to achieve with your new granite countertop. The material is cut from the Earth as gigantic slabs and then pieced together into smaller pieces. The thicker the granite, the better. Usually, granite with no imperfections is the best choice for counters, but some slabs are less durable. Check for natural stress marks, scratches, and chips. Porous granite will absorb liquid more easily and will require more maintenance.

Different Grades of Granite

Listed below are the different grades of granite. The lowest grade of granite is entry-level, also known as commercial or builder grade. This material is typically thinner than other granites and needs a plywood backing. It’s often imported from China or sold through granite liquidators. Despite being low-grade, entry-level granite is usually cheap and has a basic design and color. Typically, it costs around $40-$50 per square foot.

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If you want to avoid spending a lot of money on a countertop that will get scratches and dings, you should purchase a slab with a higher quality grade. Typically, the higher grade granite is less likely to have pits and flaws, but even the smallest crack can become an issue later. Besides the price of Galina Sato, it is important to know that granite is a natural stone, and its origin can have an impact on the quality of the material.

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