A Look at a Dill Dentist

“Dill Dentistry” is a clinic, whose motto is “we help people have a smile that their neighbors will envy.” That may sound a bit corny, but that is the way Mark S. Dill describes his practice. “When you go to the office of Mark S. Dill, PhD, DMD, you will find a caring dental care team which takes your healthcare very seriously.

Dill Dentist

We take the time to learn about each patient before seeing them. We treat them with kindness, respect, and consideration even if they look like the proverbial mouse. We appreciate all the people who come to us – immigrants, families, the elderly, disabled, the mentally ill, and anyone else who might need our help and our compassion.”

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Mark S. Dill is a Distinguished Senior Associate Director for Policy Development and Clinical Leadership at the American Dental Association. A practicing dental surgeon for the past 23 years, he is committed to providing patients with the best possible care.

He has been a speaker at many national and state Dental Health Conferences, delivering valuable information on oral health, nutrition, preventive care, and therapeutic treatments chattanooga dentist. His published works include: Managing the Dental Public Relations Comprehensive Guide and Managing Patients’ Information. Dill is the editor in chief of the popular medical publication “The Wall Street Journal” (WJ): A Practical Guide to Dentistry.

Since his first surgery as a patient in 1977, Dill has seen his share of ups and downs. He attributes his success to providing excellent service to his patients and maintaining an open mind towards changes in the industry. “I never give up until I have helped every patient satisfied,” said Dr. Dill. “I try to educate others about the importance of caring for one’s teeth.

The smile is something that many people treasure. It can bring out one’s true beauty and personality. It is something that others start to recognize right away. In order to maintain a bright white and healthy smile for a long period of time, it is important to have access to top-notch dental care. “Dill is a great example of what a dentist should be like,” said Dr. Richard J. Benz, DDS.

“When I first saw Dill’s smiling face, I felt like I knew him personally. I have met many well-known people but no one has ever struck me as having such genuine caring and kindness. ” I learned that through his kindness, Dill is able to help others not only because he wants to, but because he knows how.

“Dill is a great example of what a dentist should be like,” said Dr. Richard J. Benz, DDS. “He treats patients well, wants to be known for his work, and helps those who need it most. All of us can benefit from a caring, ethical dentist like Dill.”

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