5 Best Restaurants in Downtown Richmond

If you are looking for experience in dining, you need to check out the fabulous Restaurants Richmond BC Canada. The first Restaurants opened in Canada in 1974 and is still going strong. The restaurant offers visitors a relaxed, casual atmosphere with delicious cuisine. The guests can enjoy a wide range of menus from starters, salads, sandwiches, to main courses, desserts, and specialty foods. The restaurant was named one of the best restaurants in the world by the Canadian Food Magazine.

– The Story Cafe Richmond BC Canada. The Story Cafe has many different rooms and is located at the corner of Main Street. It offers breathtaking views of the river, the Heritage Bridge, and the Olympic Park. You can start your meal with a candlelit dinner on a romantic patio or opt for a quiet spot on the deck to enjoy the spectacular views. The restaurant itself serves a variety of Mediterranean and international dishes and you can even get a chance to try an International Tea from Jamaica. Other great choices include chicken pho, lobster bisque, and salmon casserole.

Restaurants in Downtown Richmond Overview

– The Gallery Restaurant. If you love fine dining and a little history, The Gallery Restaurant is perfect for you. It features two floors dedicated to fine dining and culture. The restaurant offers an adventurous food program and a variety of wine selections. The restaurant is known for its interesting history and is frequented by celebrities and other visitors.

– Kettlehouse Restaurant. Kettlehouse Restaurant is another fine dining option in Richmond. This restaurant offers exotic seafood and American and European cuisine. The restaurant also has a fun kids’ menu that includes burgers, hot dogs, frozen yogurt, shakes, and pasta. A special dinner show with award winning chef Tony Bollinger takes place on Wednesdays.

– McMenamins River restaurant. The restaurant is located at the edge of River Road. There are historical buildings along the banks of the river, which adds to the interesting background of this historic restaurant. The restaurant is designed around the “cooking mountain”. Its award-winning chef, Kevin Dunn, has won multiple awards including four ribbon trophies.

– The Rock House Restaurant. This elegant restaurant on the bank of The Esplanade offers dining, cocktails and live music. You can enjoy a romantic evening under the stars by viewing the fireworks during The Rock House New Year’s Celebration. This restaurant was named one of the best restaurants in the Southeast by Trip Advisor. The restaurant also has an award winning wine selection.

– The Brio restaurant. Brio is a casual European restaurant that features a relaxed atmosphere and an extensive wine list. The dining room opens to a terrace that overlooks the river. Entertainment includes wine tasting and European music played by live bands.

These are just a few of the restaurants in Richmond offering food from around the world. Restaurants in Virginia are a delight to visit and are a great place to meet friends and have a great time. The food and atmosphere are the reasons many come back to Virginia and frequent these restaurants. These restaurants offer a variety of dishes for foodies of all tastes.

The food and wine selections available at these restaurants are some of the best in the area. They are world-class and offer dishes to please every palette. These restaurants have been awarded many awards for their culinary excellence and also boast a stellar reputation amongst locals and visitors alike.

– Little Caesar’s. This popular restaurant in the heart of Downtown Richmond boasts an excellent wine selection and is the destination for high-end appetizers, desserts, and other specialties. Their spinach Artichoke Dip appetizer is to die for and is easily the best spinach recipe in town.

– Brick and Call. This family-owned restaurant offers fine dining with casual barbeque dining as well. There are five restaurants to choose from and more on the way. The menu boasts Mediterranean favorites like their famous marinated chicken and olive oil polenta. The cuisine is made from fresh ingredients including the chicken, which is prepared using the finest marinades and olive oil.

Final Words

– The Ritz Carlton. Dining at this elegant hotel will assure you are experiencing the finest in fine dining. The cuisine is made from only the freshest ingredients and is made to your exact specifications. The fine dining experience you will receive here will leave you wanting for more.

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