Dual Article Writing

To write a new quality article of 400 to 700 words can take you up to 2 1/2 hours. By then you are too exhausted emotionally to quickly write the other one, even it if is all about your favorite pastime or exactly what your website is about.

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When you complete the initial post your head is still fresh full of ideas, some that did not make the cut for the very first. Now is the perfect time to compose a 2nd version of the exact same article so it will also get published. The total time on the 2nd article should not exceed 1 hour complete. Now you will have 2 posts to submit, and your extra hour was simple and worry-free.


The search engines are searching only for posts that are unique in content. The FIRST article should NEVER be submitted to say 10 essay directories. Chances are 3 or 2 will print the following article, and the articles will be exact.

Google and Yahoo will penalize individuals who submit duplicate content, Those are two companies that control a wonderful sum of your internet destiny in their hand’s sentence rewriter. Having your post placed once is fantastic, but roll and dice and you will lose.

Twice the Traffic Outcomes in Small More Composing Time

The higher rated businesses have programmed their method to be on the alert for duplicate coverage. They need fresh ideas coated, and will likely to BAN YOU from submitting additional articles, and rightfully so. That said, see where rewriting could be rewarding.


You may choose to submit your new altered article to another directory to get more exposure. If you set a specific replica of our original article on your own private website it will set you under heavy examination for duplicate coverage and you face penalization. Plus any excellent website needs plenty of content to allow their viewers to appreciate that they have not read everywhere.

Before writing a 2nd version decide it is going to be a third. The simplest is the writing two distinct headlines to attract visitors. Using a program like Word will make this very simple.

Next start off an entirely new opening to your own article. Writing variants 2 and 3 are easier. Copy the rest of the original article except the bottom paragraph. You are half done already, Read what you have and alter a few of the words to other people meaning exactly the same.

Somewhere in the event, the middle sentence thinks of a few good comment lines you can insert near the center of version 3 and 2. Rewriting the last paragraph is very simple. Restate your essay purpose with another reason for writing it. Do this on both copies.

Now you have 3 posts which are unique and sound accordingly. The first two you are going to submit to various ezine or directory services that let you know within 48 hours your post was approved. The next copy goes directly on a webpage of your website.

You doubled your visitors possible, and therefore are now connected to two article directories. Plus your site gains a much-desired content majority. Just 4 hours pass and you’ve got 3 unique posts and a great deal of free exposure.


All the time researching topics, and writing down pre-notes is a waste. Write about another feature of your site or personal interest and you will have another 3 articles. You don’t have to search around attempting to rewrite an article that has been already published by someone else.

If you wrote 4 times every week, one post with two big revisions, you would stay on pace for 36 articles a month. Imagine The free traffic and earnings exposure writing over 400 articles in a year will get you.


Remember the excellent issue. Having 100 articles printed must equate to 1,000percent 2B individuals reading your post every month. Bringing that total to 400 could mean 5,000 monthly readers and a huge stream of free traffic to your site. Stick to the entry guideline principles strictly and they then will benefit you.

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